Bring Back the Butterflies

Butterflies are often seen as beautiful creatures with colourful wing patterns that make each of them unique. But they aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, the butterfly population in Bali is an important part of the island’s ecosystem and contributes to the island’s biodiversity. And although butterflies represent growth and freedom, the population of butterflies in Bali, like many other areas in the world, has decreased due to a variety of factors, such as changes in habitat, climate, and the use of pesticides. But the disappearance of these creatures is more serious than just a loss of colour on the island, therefore it is very important that we provide a safe environment for butterflies to breed and flourish before we let them become extinct. But how?

Bali is home to a diverse population of butterflies, with over 300 species recorded on the island. At least, for now. Because the population of butterflies has decreased on a large scale over the years and continues to decrease if we do not undertake action. You’re probably wondering, why is it so important to save the butterflies? Well, they are actually very important to the ecosystem, for several reasons. Butterflies play a huge role in pollinating flowers, they are an important source of food for other animals, they are used as an indicator to monitor the health of ecosystems, and lastly, they are also important for ecotourism.

Luckily, Nuanu’s Sustainability Initiative is here to change the way we live. The initiative encourages collaborations in programmes, where the new conversation about imagination and local wisdom may reshape conservation, restoration, and inspire regeneration of quality of life. Nuanu is reimagining city development that integrates new ways to live in harmony with nature. They founded the Nature Team, to solve and improve each environmental problem in urban development and the operational system, one by one. How to create a regenerative city with happy people? How to bring back butterflies, dragonflies and fireflies into urban dwellings? How to provide the community with fresh, organic food every day? The Nature team aims to identify each relationship to create eco solutions, and as a community, Nuanu would be able to create an organically growing, educational sandbox that continuously gives birth to practical, functional ideas, and solutions to local, and eventually global problems.

The defining environmental features in Nyanyi Beach, where Nuanu is located, are the habitat for its residents’ floras and faunas, and people. The magic of nature is to be protected and amplified, by Bali’s rapid growth in development. They are here to make a change, bringing back the lost wildlife, as well as preventing the butterflies from becoming extinct. With seventy per cent of land space conserved as park space, a habitat for wildlife sanctuary exists in every corner of the project. The repopulation project harmonizes the relationship between urban development and the wonders of the almost forgotten natural environment.

As the world is changing rapidly, and affecting our flora and fauna, now is the time to undertake action and bring back the butterflies.

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