Espolon Barrio Fiesta 2023

Get ready for the ultimate celebration of tequila, culture, and spirited revolution! Espolon, one of the world’s most innovative tequila brands, is thrilled to announce its inaugural Espolon Barrio Fiesta 2023. For the first time ever in Asia, the vibrant heart of Bali, Indonesia, will host this electrifying event from October 31 to November 4, 2023.

Set against the backdrop of Bali’s stunning landscapes, the Barrio Fiesta is more than just a festival; it’s a bold statement of artistry and going against the grain. Themed as a Mexican style block party, it aims to cement Espolon’s place as the #1 top-of-mind tequila on the island.

Five Days of Fiesta, Flavors, and Fun

The festival kicks off with a three-day Bar Take Over from October 31 to November 2. Six premier outlets in Bali; The Shady Fox, Old Man’s, Hippie Fish, The Back Room, The Shady Pig, Teasing Tounges, Santanera and Platonic will participate in this takeover. Each venue will feature a Bar Take Over by Campari’s elite bartenders or brand ambassadors, promising an unforgettable experience of flair, flavor, and festivity.

The grandeur escalates on November 4 with a high-energy Block Party Festival at the Espolon Mural Area, near Beach Garden, Jl Batu Bolong, Canggu. Attendees will immerse themselves in an authentic Mexican block party with Bar Take Over by The Lawn Ranger, featuring an array of Mexican food stalls, a dynamic flair show, face painters, and pulsating DJ performances. Highlighting the event is the guest star appearance of The Hydrant, set to electrify the crowd with their explosive performance.

Espolon: A Legacy of Artistic Rebellion and Craftsmanship

Espolon, a tribute to the storied culture of true Mexican tequila-making, isn’t just crafted; it’s sparked with a spirit of rebellion. Born from Maestro Tequilero Cirilo Oropeza’s artistic rebellion and audacious innovations, Espolon tequila speaks to the souls of those who seek their path outside tradition. The brand’s rapid ascension to the second-fastest-growing premium tequila worldwide is a testament to its connection with a young, creative, and audacious generation.

The Espolon Barrio Fiesta 2023 embodies this spirit of audacious creativity. It’s not just an event; it’s a declaration, a communal toast in celebration of those who live by their own rules. This festival is a tribute to progressive minds and rebellious hearts, a tangible swirl of music, art, and flavor that defies expectations.

From the energy-infused streets of Bali, Espolon’s Barrio Fiesta calls out to every free spirit and revolutionary soul. It’s more than a gathering; it’s an uprising of creative rebellion, a place where the music is louder, the colors are brighter, and the tequila speaks volumes. Here, tradition isn’t just honored; it’s reimagined.

Let’s Celebrate!

As we countdown to this historic event, we call on revolutionaries, creatives, and tequila enthusiasts to join us in a celebration of progress, artistry, and community. Espolon Barrio Fiesta 2023 promises not just a taste of premium tequila but a dive into a cultural experience that champions the bold and the revolutionary.

When tradition meets creativity, unforgettable stories are born. Be part of this story at the Espolon Barrio Fiesta 2023.

Espolon encourages all atttendess to celebrate responsibly.



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