Indulge in a Taste of Modern Indonesia at Mil’s Kitchen

What do you say to embarking on a journey to Indonesian culinary with rich stories behind it that will give you an unforgettable dining experience?

Founded by Chef Mili Hendratno, Mil’s Kitchen brings you a modern Indonesian dining experience. The restaurant desires to be more than just a culinary destination for foodies and casual diners alike, but also the place where guests can engage all their senses and thus create a dining experience that is truly memorable. With his past experiences making modern dishes at 5-star hotels and leading restaurants, Chef Mili is both a culinary artist and a storyteller.

“My aspiration is for my passion for Indonesian cuisine to be reflected in Mil’s Kitchen dishes – it symbolizes my love for food and people,” he stated.

Mil’s Kitchen was first opened in Yogyakarta in 2020, at Chef Mili’s house. It started pretty humbly – with the house’s living room area being transformed as the dining area. Despite this, Chef Mili’s team strived to provide their guests with the best possible experience.

A year later, Chef Mili fulfilled his dream of opening a proper restaurant in Pandaga Marta A2, Sleman, Yogyakarta.

Over time, Mil’s Kitchen expanded its reach and opened a branch in Bali in late 2022 – becoming a fixture of the Island of God’s dining scene with their location in Berawa. Chef Daniel Edward, a force to be reckoned with in Indonesia’s culinary scene, has joined forces with Chef Mili to bring the magical delights of Mil’s Kitchen to the Island of Gods.

Known for his finesse in creating new combinations and experimenting with a plethora of flavors, Chef Daniel said that he strives to keep the freshness and originality of the Mil’s Kitchen dishes with modern presentations.

With Chef Daniel helming the Bali chapter of Mil’s Kitchen and ensuring the touch of modernity into their cuisine, Chef Mili and his team flawlessy offer their guests on the island the same high-quality cuisine and service that the restaurant is famous for.

The Bali chapter of Mil’s Kitchen brings a warm atmosphere with both indoor – perfect for those who prefer air conditioning – and outdoor seating with a garden, a bar, and ample parking, making the dining place perfect place to spend quality times with friends, family members, and your lovers over mouth-watering dishes crafted with the best quality ingredients sourced from local farms and organic products to ensure sustainability.

Mil’s Kitchen is known for its delectable menu choices. You would not want to miss their Baked Bone Marrow “SATE SAPI KECAP” with Wagyu Beef Cheek, Peanut Aioli, Kecombrang (Ginger Flower), Tomato Relish, and Grilled Sourdough. Another must-try dish is the Tuna Taco “GOHU IKAN GENDAR” made with Tuna, Salmon, Shallots, Chili, Kemangi (Lemon Basil), and Rice Crackers. And for those who love bold flavors, try out their US Beef Short Ribs Bourguignon “RAWON” with Braised Beef, King Oyster Mushroom, Hasselback Potato, Black Cardamom Au Jus, and Charred Broccoli.

If you’re in the mood for something sweet for your tooth, the Cendol Panna Cotta, made with Young Coconut, Green Pandan Cream, Jackfruit Compote Namelaka, and Coconut Ice Cream.

It is not the Canggu dining scene without fabulous cocktails. Chef Mili’s favorite drink, Canggu oh Canggu is a refreshing combination of Rum, Aperol, Pineapple, Lemon Oleo, and Lemongrass Foam. This creative cocktail is just one example of the unique and scrumptious drinks on offer at Mil’s Kitchen Bali.

Ladies, if you’re planning a night out with your girls, don’t miss Mil’s Kitchen’s Ladies Night every Friday, where you can enjoy great food and drinks with your closest friends and enjoy live music, great food, and a special discount on selected drinks. Mil’s Kitchen is also a proud pet-friendly place. So if you have furry friends, they are very welcomed here.

Mil’s Kitchen Bali is more than just a restaurant – it’s now a fixture of Bali’s Canggu scene. With its innovative menu, welcoming atmosphere, and talented chef at the helm, it is no wonder this restaurant has become a must-visit spot for foodies in Bali.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Mil’s Kitchen Bali for a dining experience you won’t forget.



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