Moon Sipper Club: Where Art, Sustainability, and Innovation Unite in Ubud’s Enchanting Gastronomic Scene

Located in the heart of idyllic town Ubud, Moon Sipper Club, a cocktail haven intertwining art, sustainability, craft, and innovation. Owned by the visionary Sherrine Budiman, a connoisseur of fine arts, Moon Sipper Club is a testament to her artistic touch and her fervent desire to bridge the gap between food and beverage and the artistic realm.

As guests step into the second-floor of Flock, they are enveloped in the magic of Moon Sipper Club. Here, the boundary between F&B and art is joyfully blurred, where cocktails become liquid poetry and culinary delights transform into canvases of taste. With an artist’s eye and a chef’s precision, Moon Sipper Club delivers a visual and sensory experience that transports guests into a sphere where imagination soars.

At the heart of the Moon Sipper Club’s philosophy lies a deep respect for nature and a commitment to sustainability. This reverence for the environment is mirrored by the circular systems in place, minimizing waste and elevating often overlooked local ingredients to the forefront of gastronomic innovation. Each sip and bite becomes a celebration of the rich tapestry of Bali’s culinary heritage, interwoven with a contemporary twist.

Indulge in the culinary wonders of Moon Sipper Club, where a curated menu offers an array of nibbles with an extensive selection of vegan and vegetarian options, all carefully crafted with seasonal ingredients. Embracing a sustainable approach, each dish showcases the freshest produce, resulting in refreshingly innovative and artsy creations that please both the palate and the soul.

Discover Moon Sipper’s enchanting Signature cocktails—artful symphonies of flavors that complement their culinary delights, creating a magical ambiance you’ll savor. Immerse yourself in the delightful taste of Rosella Pop, a highball-style cocktail made from vodka, FLOCK’s Rosella kombucha, tartaric acid, and Ginger torch. Its effervescence makes it perfect alongside Sourdough & Dips. Or try the cream caramel sweetness of White Rabbit, White Rum meets banana sous-vide Licor43, oat milk, cream, and a delectable butterscotch syrup. Sustainability shines through as banana peels become our garnish—banana paper. Pair it with Lomo & Grissini or Stuffed chicken wings. For something bolder, there’s Love and Heat. Sweet-spicy flavors blend with local aromatics and a hint of smoke created from Montelobos Espadin, Palapa Nutmeg liqueur, lacto-fermented jalapeño syrup, and lime create a mystique enhanced by Lemongrass-Citrus salt. A delightful twist on the Margarita, best enjoyed with Ceviche’s zesty flavors.

Moon Sipper will have special programs highlighted weekly and monthly, such as weekly special cocktails, bar take over and kitchen take over, promising guests unforgettable experiences that stir the soul.



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