Mosto Presents a Night with Chef Luca

Chef Lorenzo De Petris will be sharing his kitchen pass for another Mosto collaboration On the 10th of August – this time with Italian born, Sydney living Luca Faccin. The long awaited collab has been on pause due to a new born talent that arrived in Italy this June, Chef Lorenzo’s very first son. Returning next month, with a little more force and probably a lot less sleep,Lorenzo will be back running the Mosto kitchen, and kicking it off with this memorable event. Chef Luca, originally from the north of Italy, more precisely from the Franciacorta region on the Iseo lake, has called Australia home for over a decade. Falling in love with the ever growing food scene and making his way through multiple hatted restaurants in Sydney such as The Apollo and Mimi’s, is now on his own journey as a private chef, providing exclusive at home dining experiences.

“I’m super excited to be back in Bali and have the opportunity to collaborate with Mosto and Lorenzo. We will bring to the table what I enjoy most, a combination of Italian recipes with an Asian touch, whilst leaning into the incredible local ingredients on offer here in Indonesia” says Faccin. So here we have it, an a la carte menu, available for one night only. Think chicken skin prawn wonton with burnt scallion mayo, caviar sando and a ‘casoncelli’ pasta with duck ‘urutan’ and hot miso sauce. The full menu will be hitting soon and tables will be limited, bookings from 5pm are now open.



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