Nuanu’s Approach to Architecture

Architecture is a discipline that plays a fundamental role in shaping the built environment we inhabit. From towering skyscrapers to intimate dwellings, architecture has the power to shape our physical surroundings, influence our moods, and impact our daily lives. It encompasses a wide range of practices, from designing functional and aesthetic buildings to developing sustainable and resilient urban spaces. In this article, we’ll explore Nuanu’s approach to architecture, as they are building to change the way we live. 

Nuanu is a home for leaders, creators and makers; a world-class collaborative environment and a roadmap for generations to come. It consists of 9 areas of re-creation, where they are moving beyond sustainability to thrive ability with a regenerative mindset for living and working. 

‘’Nuanu is a way of thinking. Its main goal is to find a base formula that sparks a chain reaction of positive changes in the world. In search of this formula, we aim to unite the most creative people around a sustainable concept of life, enriched with cutting-edge technologies, creating a platform where each creative thought can become a step into the future”, Filipp quotes, the lead architect of Nuanu. 

So how do Nuanu design their buildings? Nuanu Architects is an in-house architectural team made up of high-end Indonesian architects and engineers. The employees are young talented specialists that contribute in every possible way to their growth and development in their positions, teaching how to use new modern design technologies, as well as regularly participating in conferences and exhibitions. 

Before starting a project, the team at Nuanu discusses its feasibility, taking into account costs, maintenance requirements, and its impact on the environment. 

We seek to find a balance between the cost of the building and its long-term returns. For us, sustainability is not just about sorting trash, but about fundamental thinking that should be implemented in every aspect of our work,” said Filipp.

To create an emotional connection between the building and its visitors, Nuanu seeks out artists who can create facilities that push people to understand sustainability on their own. “The aim is to make a change in people’s minds, to help them understand why sustainability is important. This way, we hope to contribute to a larger movement towards sustainable practices”, continued the lead of architecture. 

Indonesia has a huge potential for growth and development”. Nuanu’s team aims to implement modern technologies that are not commonly used in Indonesia but can improve and speed up the processes at the same time reducing the impact on the environment. “By introducing new methods into the design and construction process, we aim to follow local traditions and cultures as much as possible. While it can be challenging, the young Indonesian specialists are eager to learn and grow”, he told the journalists. 

In some cases, Nuanu Architects designs and executes projects from scratch, while in others, they only implement partial designs. However, there is often a gap between design and construction due to the limited availability of materials and the difficulty of specific working methods integration. Despite these challenges, the team at Nuanu works hard to find compromises that work for everyone.

Nuanu team consists of 99% Indonesian people who play a crucial role in all projects. The team works in harmony with both nature and people, creating a relationship with Indonesian people based on mutual respect and cooperation. We want to live and work alongside the people of Indonesia, creating a unique and amazing project that is different from any other”, Filipp concluded.

In conclusion, the approach to architecture at Nuanu is driven by a focus on sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and emotional connection. The team seeks to find a balance between modern technology and traditional methods and between the beauty of the building and its practicality. They believe that by working together with the people of Indonesia, they can create something truly special that contributes to a more sustainable future. Nuanu is here, to change the way we live.



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