Top 10 Coffee Shops in Canggu

Welcome to the beating heart of Canggu’s caffeine culture, where every cup tells a story and each sip is a journey through the artistry of coffee. Nestled amid the lush landscapes and surf culture of Canggu, the best coffee shops beckon both locals and travelers alike with the promise of a rich and aromatic escape.

In this bohemian enclave, coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a ritual, a daily celebration of flavors and craftsmanship. From the aroma of freshly ground beans to the expertly poured latte art, Canggu’s coffee shops elevate the caffeinated experience to an unparalleled level.

Join us on a caffeinated exploration as we navigate through the winding lanes of Canggu, uncovering the hidden gems and well-known havens that define the coffee scene in this tropical haven. Whether you’re seeking the perfect flat white, a bold espresso, or a trendy cold brew to beat the heat, Canggu’s coffee culture promises an array of choices that will awaken your senses and leave you craving more. Get ready to embark on a journey through the best coffee shops in Canggu, where every cup is a testament to the fusion of laid-back vibes and the relentless pursuit of the perfect brew.

  1. Crate Café: Located in the heart of Canggu, Crate Café is a popular spot known for its delicious breakfast options and excellent coffee. They serve a variety of specialty coffee drinks and have a laid-back atmosphere.

  1. Deus Ex Machina: This unique café combines a motorcycle workshop, surfboard shaper, and gallery space with a café. They serve great coffee along with a menu of tasty dishes and often host events and live music.

  1. Hungry Bird Coffee Roaster: Hungry Bird is a specialty coffee roaster and café that focuses on sourcing and roasting high-quality beans. They offer a range of espresso-based drinks and have a selection of single-origin coffees.

  1. The Shady Shack: While primarily a vegetarian and vegan restaurant, The Shady Shack also has an excellent coffee menu. They serve organic coffee made from locally sourced beans.

  1. Motion Café: Motion Café is a fitness-oriented café that serves healthy food and drinks. They offer a selection of coffee drinks made with organic, locally sourced beans.

  1. Milk & Madu: This family-friendly café is known for its relaxed atmosphere and delicious food. They serve a range of coffee beverages, including espresso-based drinks and cold brews.

  1. Ruko Café: Ruko Café is a cozy spot that serves specialty coffee made from locally sourced beans. They also offer a variety of pastries and light snacks.

  1. Coffee Cartel: Coffee Cartel is a trendy coffee shop with a stylish interior and a menu that includes a variety of coffee drinks. They also have a selection of pastries and desserts.

  1. The Loft Canggu: This hip café offers a spacious and Instagrammable setting. They serve a range of coffee drinks, including specialty lattes and cold brews.

  1. Avocado Factory: While famous for its avocado-based dishes, Avocado Factory also serves great coffee. They offer a selection of espresso-based drinks made with locally sourced beans.

These coffee shops in Canggu, Bali, offer a diverse range of coffee experiences, from specialty roasts to unique café concepts. Enjoy exploring the vibrant coffee scene in Canggu!



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